sketchbook checkup : august

Well, it certainly has been a hot minute.

In defense of my absence — not that I truly need to defend it — I spent the majority of August on vacation. Returning home to see my parents and friends back in Ontario, and exploring Nova Scotia, took precedence over blogging. And, well, if you only had two and a half weeks to catch up with the humans you love most in the world and whom you only see twice a year now, what would you do?

Probably not blog, is all I am saying.

Once I returned to the wet coast (which has been surprisingly dry of late), I spent the majority of my time working and trying to make up for all of the board game cafes and seafood I partook of while on vacation. That’s why it was so surprising to me  that while curating photos for this post, I actually had a really hard time narrowing it down to just a few key pieces. While I thought I hadn’t been creating much over the past month, it turns out that August was actually a big month for journalling in both the written and art forms, as well as photography.

I’ve curated a few of my favourites from both categories below — carefully chosen for two main reasons. First, some of the journalling I did this summer was deeply personal. Some of it I may explore in more depth later on here, but today is not that day. Second, I really wanted to highlight an overarching colour theme I have noticed myself being drawn to again and again of late. Bonus points if you can spot it before I tell you~

aug sketchbook cover

aug sketchbook cover detail

It almost seems counter-intuitive to begin a post with the most recent pieces I’ve created, but here we are. Last night while winding down for the evening and watching Daredevil I found that I finally knew what I wanted to occupy the first two pages in my sketchbook.

For some reason, I have always found the first page of a new sketchbook to be incredibly overwhelming: it’s the first image in the whole book, and for me somehow sets the tone of everything else contained within. In fact, half of my notebooks and sketchbooks still have blank front pages. 

aug ns sunset

I snapped this quick picture from the dining table at my partner’s family cottage in Nova Scotia. Yeah, I’m not kidding — this was my evening view every night for a week.

Another art journalling piece, this time finding a home next to some flowers I pressed a few months back.

aug ns flowers

Also in Nova Scotia, these little flowers caught my eye on our first day and I could not stop coming back to them. The photo simply does not do their beauty justice.

aug cottage flowers

Speaking of flowers, can we also just take a minute to talk about my mum’s stargazer lilies? Like, dang.

An art journalling piece I actually started in July, but came back to a few times over both July and August. It’s about the symbolism of the rose, and the base layer talks about the historical symbolism attached to it.

Normally when I do a piece on a symbol, most of the historical or mythological meanings fit for me but these just… weren’t, with the rose. So I layered over what I had written in thick paint and wrote about my own interpretations.

From Sunday past, and my first trip to the Richmond Night Market. Food, film, and friends, amirite?

aug blue

And now for something (almost) completely different — a piece from August with absolutely no pink. I honestly hadn’t noticed how drawn I found myself to pink over the past month until curating this post; this may be the only photo or piece of art I created that features exactly zero percent pink.

So there we have it! A very pink, very fulfilling month behind me, and a step closer to my final year in gradschool (meep).

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